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Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue was founded 10 years ago with an important mission: to provide the resources and life-saving programs to help build a No-Kill community. We’ve come a long way over the past decade and have decided to try to help some of the many rural communities in the Southeast by bringing our experienced staff and resources to teach them how to build their own No Kill communities. Along with these other chapters, we’re building a Sanctuary just outside of Asheville, NC. The Sanctuary will help us fulfill our mission by giving a more peaceful environment for behaviorally challenged and medically needy animals to rehabilitate and heal, provide a safe haven for “farm” animals to live out the rest of their lives, and ultimately serve as an educational center where we plan to implement programming to help us reach our organizational vision: Where one day, we will have a community who embraces our core ethic of Uncompromised Compassion. Thanks to the generosity of kind donors, we are set to break ground this summer!

When we purchased the land that is now Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, six cows lived there. We were told that once the property was sold, the cows would go to auction to be slaughtered. We knew we couldn’t sacrifice those cows to save other animals, so we negotiated with with the landowner and were able to include the cows in our purchase. These days, the cows roam freely at our sanctuary and are able to be with their family members, and do the things cows love to do. All of our cows will get to live out their natural lives at our Sanctuary as we have come to recognize that the cows are no different then the dogs and cats we love.

Sage and four other pigs were found abandoned in a cemetery over the winter. Locals had been using them as target practice and had managed to kill one of them. True to pig nature, the survivors refused to leave the body of their deceased friend. Their love and loyalty allowed us to safely capture and bring them to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary. Shortly after they arrived, Sage gave birth to ten adorable, tiny babies. It was a very cold night when she delivered her squealing piglets, but she was a great mom right off the bat and all of her babies thrived under her care. Sage continues to mother them even though they are feisty little teenagers now, waiting to be adopted into their forever homes. She has always looked after them and protected them as any good mom would. The love and bond they share is beautiful to observe.

We hope you’ll join us June 9-11th at Asheville VeganFest, which will benefit Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary. With your support, we can continue to work towards our vision: Where our community embraces our core ethic of Uncompromised Compassion- for all animals. Please visit the Sanctuary to learn more. Or if you are interested in being a founding donor to the Brother Wolf Sanctuary, call Denise at 828-808-9435 or email Denise@bwar.org.