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A Great Day for Animals and Veganism

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Great day

What can you expect to experience at Asheville VeganFest 2017? Hear if first hand from our 2016 attendees:

I drove to Asheville solely for the festival. I was so excited that a festival was for me – I did not have to worry about what I was going to eat! I loved the variety, recycling, organic, hippie vibe. It was a free, peaceful place. We ate lunch under the trees like hippies. It was the best day! Cant wait to go again next year.

I love Asheville and experiencing the town through the vegan festival made it an even better experience. Can’t wait to come back!

This was our first visit to Asheville. We shopped and ate, and enjoyed the vegan and pedestrian friendly city. We will definitely be back!

Coming from the Outer Banks of NC and coming to Asheville for the first time for VeganFest left a powerfully, positive first impression on us. Not only did the festival rock but we met several people on our trip that were so open-minded and free. It was refreshing to say the least coming from a place that is somewhat dry as far as veganism and animal rights are concerned.

It was very well organized and smoothly run. EVERYONE was SO nice. Beautiful day, great experience. Looking forward to next year!

I most enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded people and meeting new friends.

We loved this event! It was well organized, had interesting vendors, and fabulous food! We will DEFINITELY attend again! Thank you!

The music was phenomenal! It was so happy and could be heard very clearly. Folks were dancing up front, kids were playing to the music. The music made everyone seem happy and in a festive mood. It was the best!!! And I loved that the festival was outside. Felt so open and free. The vendors were amazing. Food was great. People were great as were all of the volunteers. This was by far the best veg fest I’ve been to. Very well done! Thank you!

So glad we could support a great cause and enjoy vegan food without worrying about the ingredients!

Excellent! Even better and bigger than last year! Extremely organized with excellent volunteers and staff! Thank you!

You hit it out of the park. Everything was fantastic. I love giving my money to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and vegan businesses.

I loved seeing so much support for the vegan lifestyle!! This was an awesome festival with a great cause. 🙂

Enjoyed Saturday so much, I wish I could have also attended the evening panel. It was great. I could attend days upon days of panel discussions like that! Such a relief to be around like-minded people. Looking forward to next year! Kudos to your whole team for putting together such a well-run event!

It was a great day for animals and a great day for veganism!

I was hugely impressed with the size and variety of the festival – completely worth the trip!

A truly awesome couple of days. I’ll be still flying high for awhile longer.

Very substantial and very good. The speaker session was totally full. It strikes me as a diverse group, probably pulling from all over the region and even beyond. The more we pull in and broaden our connections, the better. An amazing two days!

There were many interesting vendors and products.

About half of the folks I met were from out of town. They came long distances to share the vegan fun and love!

I feel so proud to be part of such an important event and friends with so much compassionate, lovely humans. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

One of my best experiences at a Vegfest so far! Having attended 7-8 now in the South, I was very impressed by this event. Well organized and very well attended. Definitely would love to come back!

Thank you for a spectacular VeganFest weekend. It was well worth an eight hour drive from Ohio to attend! I’m heading back home having made so many new Asheville friends. Great job and see you next time!

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